A Great Website for Albuquerque College Bound Students

A Great Website for Albuquerque College Bound Students

August 13, 2009 8:13 pm

Are you a Albuquerque, NM student looking for the real scoop on that college you have your eye on?

Or are you Albuquerque parents of a soon to be college student wanting more details of what your graduate will be up against when he/she is no longer under your wings?

Well, take a look at this website to help all Albuquerque students and their parents get the true low down about that short list of schools you have come up with for your soon to be college bound student…

RealCollegeTour.com Gives Incoming Students a True Education About College Life

Don’t you wish you knew the inside scoop before choosing a college and not just what you learned on the campus tour? Now you can get the raw, uncensored truth with the College Life Guides on http://www.realcollegetour.com/.

Every college has both great and horrible things about it. The College Life Guides available on RealCollegeTour.com are written by actual students and provide parents and students with all of the information they need to know about a school.

RealCollegeTour.com gives you brutally honest information that you can’t get anywhere else. Do you want to know what fraternities at Northwestern University have been accused of sexually assaulting partygoers? The report will tell you.

Or do you want to know where the best place is to meet someone special at Southern Illinois University? The report will tell you that, too. Students and parents alike will find this type of information indispensable.

“During my college experience, I’ve seen so many things that every parent and student needs to know — from safety issues and what really goes on at parties to the real reputations of certain professors,” says Gabrys. “Our guides are controversial, but our only goal is to tell people the brutal truth.”

These guides are designed for high school juniors and seniors, parents, incoming freshmen, transfer students and anyone else that wants the insider secrets of college life on campus. The information in The Real College Tour College Life Guides is what they won’t tell you on campus tours.

Here’s the Real Scoop on the Guides…

The guides are approximately 25-30 pages long, and start at $9.99. RealCollegeTour.com will soon be adding free weekly tips for kids going to college, as well as a separate, free weekly video with advice for parents.

Gabrys is a senior at Northwestern University and the founder of VideoPol Chicago, Inc., an Internet media company. He can be contacted through his Web site at http://www.realcollegetour.com/